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Famous Fabric Manufacturers and their Specialties

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

The decorative fabric industry is an industry that is constantly evolving. These prominent fabric houses show us, however, that longevity and trust are usually built through industry experience, product quality and innovation, and exceptional value. Here are a few details on some of the most prominent purveyors of designer textiles, decorative fabrics, trimmings, and wallpapers today.

Brunschwig & Fils/ Brunschwig

Brunschwig and Fils Fabrics

Brunschwig & Fils is one of the leading manufacturers of luxurious, traditional textiles worldwide, having started as a tapestry-weaving factory in Bohain, France. Founded by Achille Brunschwig in 1900, the company expanded its business in the U.S. in the year 1925 under the management of Captain Roger Brunschwig, the son of the company founder. The captain’s wife, Mrs. Brunschwig, eventually became the foremost stylist for the company. Brunschwig & Fils is a textile company highly revered for its traditional yet high-end fabric collections, with designs dating back to the forties or even centuries ago. Their specialty is in decorative fabrics that include chenille, suede, taffeta, cotton, linen, and many others. Prints and patterns include stripes, florals, checks, and animal prints, among others. Many of the fabrics are also designed to coordinate and complement their wallpapers and trimmings. Owned today by Kravet Inc, Brunschwig & Fils continues to produce high-end, decorative fabrics and furnishings, and maintains its steadfast focus on quality products and exceptional customer service.

Cowtan & Tout

If you are looking for a textile company that offers you several brands under one roof, look no further than Cowtan & Tout. The company serves as the U.S. subsidiary of the British Colefax Group, specializing in traditional fabrics with an English feel. The brands of Cowtan & Tout include Colefax and Fowler, Jane Churchill, Cowtan & Tout, Manuel Canovas, and Larsen. The collections reflect a classic tradition imbued with an American sense of style. The designs are best described as innovative and graceful. Here you can find traditional designs recreated to produce modern yet elegant interpretations, perfect for interior installations. Their specialty includes sheers, prints, and leathers for upholstery and general interior use are available from Cowtan & Tout. From silks and weaves to wallpapers and trimmings, Cowtan & Tout is keen on classic sophistication with contemporary undertones.

Duralee Fabrics

Duralee Fabrics and Wall Coverings

Reflecting the tradition and excellence of a family-owned company that began in the early fifties, Duralee Fabrics is all about quality and innovation. Duralee Fabrics has consistently produced top-of- the-line textiles for the interior design market, expanding in 2001 with their luxury brand, Highland Court. Further expansion and development have allowed the company to produce a collection of fabrics, Duralee. Headquartered in New York, Duralee Fabrics can be found in 40 countries all over the world, making it arguably the fastest growing company in the decorative fabrics industry today.

Designers Guild Fabrics

Designers Guild Fabrics and Furniture

Banking on their commitment in producing high-quality designs, Designers Guild Fabrics have stood the test of time, beginning in 1970 when the company was established by Tricia Guild. Today Designers Guild Fabrics is headed by Tricia Guild and Simon Jeffreys, with collections that span fabrics, upholstery, and wall coverings. In 2008 the company earned its 22nd place in the Sunday Times as one of the fastest growing private firms in Britain. The products from Designers Guild Fabrics include an amazing collection of 9,000 fabrics and 2,000 wall papers. Cloth sources extend from Egypt to Scotland to Switzerland, allowing the company to produce an impressive array of decorative textiles, from plains and prints to tapestries and trimmings. Their specialty is in exotic versatile prints that feature rich florals, while the Kasida fabric range offers the most luxurious silks. For a more antique interior feel, there’s the Essentials Glenville fabric range of the best velvets and most luscious colors. Ever expanding, Designers Guild Fabrics continues to offer new collections year after year, including home accessories and bed and bath collections.


Fabricut Fabrics

Spanning 50 years in fabric distribution, Fabricut is a company that specializes in traditional and modern textiles, as well as fabrics with transitional styling. The company’s never-ending commitment to developing innovative fabric collections have made Fabricut into what it is today – a progressive textile company that offers more than 58,000 fabrics and trimmings choices. Products include fabrics, trimmings, and choice hardware. Their specialty is in fabrics that are made to suit a wide variety of applications. These decorative textiles are ideal for bedding, drapery, and upholstery. A rich color palette completes the signature Fabricut style. From exotic embroidered collections to the more modern selections in bolder colors and less conventional prints, Fabricut is all about reinvention and endless possibilities. Known the world over, Fabricut has its present headquarters in Oklahoma, with showrooms across the United States and several international locations.

GP & J Baker

GP and J Baker Furniture and Fabrics

If there are a few things GP & J Baker is known for as a purveyor of luxury fabrics, these are innovation and sophistication. Having consistently produced prints and weaves for more than 100 years and having maintained a textile archive used extensively in Royal residences in Britain, GP & J Baker understands the requirements of sophistication and elegance. Yet their longevity in the interior design industry is testament to their commitment to innovation, which has allowed them to develop a style unique to the brand. Whether you’re looking for fabrics for upholstery, curtains, upholstery, or for wall coverings, GP & J Baker specializes in offering everything you need. Varied hues include neutrals as well as deep reds, oranges, and browns. Traditional gingham designs are available along with the more contemporary and ethnic design selections. The collections of GP &J Baker – decorative prints, luscious weaves, and dazzling silks – are beautiful and wide-ranging, ideal for interior spaces, whether for residential or contract use.

Highland Court Fabrics/ Highland Court

Highland Court Fabrics and Wall Coverings

A division of Duralee, Highland Court is a brand of luxurious weaves first offered by the company in 2001. Highland Court fabrics were produced to satisfy the discerning taste and requirements of interior designers all over the world. First-class quality and luxurious design characterize the collections from Highland Court, which include fabrics and trimmings. From beautifully-textured damasks to intricate embroideries and sheers, Highland Court fabrics are fine-quality and distinctive. The quality of craftsmanship and attention to quality, color, and concept is reflected in each of the collection from Highland Court Fabrics. Fabric collection specialties range from traditional to Asian, to the more glamorous Hollywood collection. The Philip Gorrivan collection offer prints in bold colors and structured, geometric patterns, while the posh Chenille Weaves are luxurious to the touch. Highland Court has corporate and representative showrooms in the United States and Canada, and international showrooms around the globe, from Australia to Ukraine.

Kravet Fabrics

Kravet Fabrics and Furniture

What started as a nondescript family-owned textile business in 1918 has grown to be one of the leading fabric houses in the world today. Kravet Fabric, offering a selection of classic and contemporary textiles, now covers four generations of beautiful and functional styling for every interior space. Featuring designer textiles in fashion-forward colors and prints, as well as classic collections that evoke grace and elegance, Kravet Fabric guarantees excellent craftsmanship and offers superb design. Built for residential and contract uses, the versatility of Kravet Fabric collections have made the company a reliable, popular name in the interior design market. Their specialization is in a variation of colors and designs that is nothing short of exceptional. Rich plums, cool greens, and solid browns complement the varied designs of foliage, checks, damask, and metallic to name a few. Some of the more popular collections include Alexa Hampton, Barbara Barry, Calvin Klein Home, and Ralph Lauren Home. From stylish homes and hotels to hospitality and healthcare installations, Kravet Fabric strives to transform any space into comfortable, beautiful interiors.

Lee Jofa Fabrics/ Lee Jofa

Lee Jofa FabricsA boutique line of the illustrious Kravet fabric company in New York, Lee Jofa produces fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, trimmings, carpets, and decorative lighting. Established by Arthur H. Lee in 1888, Lee Jofa acquired Groundworks in 1986, and in 1995 Lee Jofa was purchased by Kravet Inc. Lee Jofa fabrics are known for their distinctive designs, with patterns and colors that evoke the style of the traditional and the contemporary. A blend of tradition and reinvention, Lee Jofa fabrics continue to provide inspiration to some of the most fastidious interior designers worldwide. Geometric prints, paisley prints, and the classic stripes, gingham, and patchwork are all offered by Lee Jofa. Lee Jofa’s specialty is in complementary prints, patterns and colors that create the perfect style for drapery, upholstery, trimming, and wall covering. The selection of Lee Jofa fabrics have expanded throughout the years, and now the line also markets collections from Threads, Groundworks, Mulberry Home, Baker Lifestyle, GP & J Baker, Andrew Martin, Blithfield, and Sea Cloth.

Mulberry Home

Mullberry Home Fabrics and More

Renowned for the quality in their textiles, Mulberry Home features exclusive fabric collections that reflect excellence in material, construction, and design. The company strives to produce signature Mulberry Home fabrics that combine the beauty of texture, the magnificence of color, and the versatility of the classic and modern lifestyles. The fabric collections that Mulberry Home specializes in include luscious silk damasks, gorgeous velvets, and classic printed linens, among many others. Weaves, prints, wools, and plains bring together a harmonious blend of materials and inspiration, resulting in collections that combine British sensibilities and foreign influences. Their Romantic Heroes collection is inspired by heroes of the distant past and the recent times, while the Mulberry Wools collection include beautiful weaves from Scotland, which are a delight to the touch and the sight. Established in the seventies, Mulberry Home today is a world-renowned luxury textile and lifestyle brand distributed in the U.K., U.S., and in many international markets the world over.

Quadrille Fabric/ Quadrille

Quadrille Furniture and Fabrics

Widely distributed and continually featured in design magazines, Quadrille fabric collections include prints and weaves in whimsical, eye-popping designs. From linens and silks to damasks and cotton velvets, the specialty of choices of fabric from Quadrille is extensive and impressive. Exotic prints and striking colors combine to create a style perfect for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Renowned for their prints and wovens, Quadrille features exclusive offerings such as Pavillion Silk, Twilight Plain and Stripe, Chateau Velvet, and many others. As much as the brand is popular for its stunning textile collections, Quadrille is mostly known for their print-to-order fabrics. This flexible way of doing business and extraordinary attention to customer demand have made Quadrille to be the popular luxury fabric company that it is today. Quadrille fabrics effortlessly marry design and functionality, so that any of their prints can be installed for both interior and outdoor purposes.

Robert Allen Fabrics/ Robert Allen

Robert Allen Fabrics and Interior Design

Taking inspiration from art, nature, and even history, Robert Allen is a prime mover in the decorative fabric industry. The Robert Allen Group has produced some of the finest fabrics for the local and international markets for more than 70 years. Designed to reflect both traditional and modern styles, Robert Allen fabrics are luxurious, yet moderately priced. Interesting colors and prints come together to create some of the most stunning collections in the decorative textile industry. Popular fabric colors include browns, creams, lavenders, pinks; they specialize in it all, but florals, stripes, plaids are the signature prints. The most innovative designs can be found in this fabric house, with Beacon Hill featuring high-end collections in rich color palettes and first rate constructions. Robert Allen fabrics are designed to meet the specifications of both residential and contract use, and with the commitment of Robert Allen to quality and innovation, the company is set to serve the needs of their customers and the wider interior design market for many years.

Scalamandre Fabric/ Scalamandre

Scalamandre Fabrics and Furniture

Luxury and exclusivity define Scalamandre, a fabric house known for its celebrated collections and high-end signature prints. Scalamandre fabrics are exclusive and distinctive fabrics, such as silks, damasks, and velvets, which have been used in some of the most illustrious installations, from the White House to William Hearst’s San Simeon Castle. The collections from Scalamandre, such as Town and Country, Arcadian, and Botanica, are a specialty in style and opulence. The Town and Country collection feature damasks, silks, florals, and delicate prints for wallpaper, draperies, and upholstery. The Botanica collection evokes traditional elegance, while the Arcadian collection is all about classical opulence. Scalamandre is also known for producing European milled goods, as well as the reinvention of historic fabrics both in America and in Europe. Scalamandre fabric continues on its rich and prestigious tradition today, producing exceptional fabric choices and collections for every home and interior space.

Schumacher Fabric/ Schumacher

Schumacher Fabrics and Furniture

Committed to excellence in quality and design, Schumacher is an eminent, family-owned decorative fabric company that started in 1889. The collections that Schumacher fabrics specialize in reflect an effortless combination of tradition and modern interpretation, using the world’s finest materials, textiles, and construction standards. Elegant and graceful weaves, silk plaids, dainty florals, and classic prints are a few of the signature offerings from Schumacher. Their newest collections include animal skin designs, chenilles and silks, and metallic damask. The Agra Silk Weave, Cordwain Damask, and Leopard Linen Print are just some of the most recent offerings by the brand. Trade showrooms across the world allow design professionals easy access to some of the finest and newest Schumacher fabric collections. The core brands of Schumacher include Classic, Modern, Elements, and Terra. With its string of prominent clients – from the White House and the U.S. Supreme Court to famous residences – Schumacher has always been a leading choice for many of the world’s top interior designers and home decorators.

Zoffany/ Zoffany Fabrics

Zoffany Fabrics and Wall Coverings

An internationally-renowned, Britain-based company, Zoffany features an extensive and unique archive of some of the finest in traditional and contemporary fabrics. Not only does the company design and produce Zoffany fabrics, gorgeous wall papers and trimmings are also offered to discerning interior decorators and design professionals. Zoffany started by supplying wall coverings to private clients until further expansion lead the company into the fabric and wallpaper powerhouse that it is today. The selections that Zoffany Fabrics specializes in offering currently include weaves, velvets, silks, plains and prints. The Fontaine Prints collection showcase printed linens in all the delicious colors. The Fleurs Rococo Weaves are luxurious and multi-hued, heavily influenced by the intricate embroideries in many dress fabrics. The Zoffany Plains are anything but plain, featuring 100% linen in 29 beautiful colors. The newest collections from Zoffany make use of time-honored traditions and designs, while adding contemporary touches. All these result in timeless yet innovative Zoffany fabrics, praised everywhere for their aesthetic and practical quality.

Buy Osborne & Little Fabrics: The best of Designers Guild

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Osborne & Little is the exclusive distributor of beautiful Designer Guild fabrics. Their collections are right on trend with sophisticated designs sought out by todays consumer. Rich purples and vibrant yellows are featured along with soft greens and creams, all in larger than life floral patterns and coordinating stripes.  They are as much at home in a light filled mid-century home as they are in a large family estate.