Scalamandre Zebras Wallcovering: A Traditional Favorite

We’ve seen it once, we’ve seen it twice and frankly, it never gets old.  Scalamandre’s Zebras Wallcovering is about as iconic as wallcoverings can get.  The traditional design works so in many different platforms because of the intense, bold print and color offerings.  If you didn’t know the popularity of this Zebras print from Scalamandre, you might not ever think about putting these exotic animals on the walls in your home – but seeing how beautiful the end result is – it’s one of the most sought after designs.

The bathroom seems to be one of the most popular places to find the Zebras print.  It’s most likely because small spaces, such as bathrooms, are the perfect platform for dark, large print wallcoverings.  The space is already small and dark, typically with no windows, so applying a dark color is a no brainer.  The larger than life print actually tricks your mind into thinking the small bathroom is much larger than it is.

For a slightly larger bathroom, the same print can work – just try one of the other six color options.  Currently, Scalamandre has seven color offerings for their Zebras print: Masai Red, Zanzibar Gold, Safari Brown, Serengeti Green (as seen above), Black, Yellow, and Periwinkle.  The Serengeti Green is just light enough that it doesn’t weigh down the bathroom, especially when paired with white fixtures.  You can see that the floor, sink, tile and tub are all white, the shower curtain has bold black stripes at the base to pick up the black accents in the Scalamandre wallcovering.  It’s all about balance when working with such a bold pattern – no matter the size of the room.

Once again, you can see how successful the Zebras print is in a small bathroom.  This time, the ever so popular Masai Red is featured and it looks so rich and decadent.  The traditional styling of the mirror and black sink bring out the luxuriousness of this scalamandre wallcovering.

Making our way of the bathroom world, Scalamandre can be found all throughout the home.  Here, the Masai Red is found a hallway sitting space.  Sure, it’s used in a small space again, but it works so well! The Masai Red can be matched easily with other reds found through Scalamandre Fabric.  Upholster some pillows to throw on a sofa or bench like seen above.

A child’s room is an absolute perfect place for this Scalamandre Zebras wallcovering – especially in Zanzibar Gold.  You can tell this is the Zanzibar Gold (as compared to Yellow) because the Zebra stripes are gold, not black as typically seen in Yellow.  The color is just pale enough that it works so well in this large space and can be combined with so many different colors, as evident in this particular room.

You can easily receive your Scalamandre Zebras wallcovering quote from us, here.

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